Fundición Callao S.A. (FUNCAL)

Contamos con más de 80 años de experiencia en la industria de la fundición y fabricación de piezas y diseño de equipos, FUNDICIÓN CALLAO S.A. es reconocida en los mercados nacional e internacional por sus productos de alta calidad, durabilidad y entrega oportuna, como parte de nuestro compromiso con los clientes.

Acerca de FUNCAL

Fundición Callao S.A. (FUNCAL)
"Experience and precision for the success of your operation"

We manufacture iron and steel castings in their different dimensions using the alloys required under international norms and standards.

We have multiple certifications, which guarantee the quality of our products and services. It also allows us to streamline export processes, acting under global safety standards and parameters which optimize and protect our international trade logistics chain.

Why work with us?

FUNDICIÓN CALLAO S.A. has among its priorities to provide quality products and a good level of after-sales service to the customer in a way that creates a commercial link based on trust. So that:

  • Engineers and technicians are available to the client when he requires it at no cost.
  • Clients can manage their technical claims.
  • We offer availability to any new requirement to match your technical specifications.

Fundición Callao S.A (FUNCAL)
Strategic Location

80Years of Experience


Guaranteed Experience

  • At a distance of 2.5 miles from the Callao's Port

  • At a distance of 1.2 miles from the Jorge Chavez International Airport

Customer Service

If you want a quote or have any questions and / or questions, complete the following form and our sales representatives will attend you as soon as possible.